Grazing alongside our Icelandic Sheep are our three llamas, Gabriel, Huitaca, and Pachamama. Llamas are naturally curious, vigilant, and alert, making them natural guardians for the flock. Their vigilance is evident when a new visitor comes to the farm, especially if there is a new animal (predator or otherwise) nearby. We shear the llamas less frequently than the sheep and often blend their fiber with our Icelandic wool. 

A crucial part of caring for the llamas is to protect against the deadly meningeal worm. The parasite is naturally carried by deer and can infect many species, including sheep and camelids. We only learned about meningeal worm once it was too late in 2012, but take it very seriously now. Our llamas are preventatively given monthly Dectomax injections to kill the parasite if present. Learn more about meningeal worm here.


Gabriel, named after the shepherd Gabriel Oak, is our oldest llama, joining us in June of 2010. 

Pachamama came to the farm in July 2014.


Huitaca came to the farm with Pachamama in July 2014.