Icelandic Sheep

Our starter flock came to us in 2008 from Frelsi Farm in Limerick, Maine. Four of the original sheep are still with us today. Over the next few years, sheep from several other farms joined the flock to create diversity before becoming a closed flock.

Our closed flock of registered Icelandic Sheep spend the entire grazing season on pasture, with their diet of grass supplemented only by nutritional minerals and kelp. Every four days or fewer, the flock is rotated to fresh pasture in attempt to minimize their exposure to harmful parasites. Following the sheep in the pasture are our Belted Galloway cattle. Their role is crucial in controlling the parasites. As the cattle graze, they are able to digest any parasites that may be present, effectively cleaning the pasture. After that, our free-range chickens step in and expose any un-hatched parasite eggs to the sun by scratching the soil.
In addition to our intensive pasture management, we use the FAMACHA system to selectively de-worm our flock. Our goal is to use synthetic parasiticides as little as possible but never compromising our flock’s health.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing Icelandic breeding stock. We'll do our best to pick out our best breeding options for your expanding or starter flock.

Hera is one of our original ewes. She is a hardy ewe that has brought many healthy lambs to the farm.

Rue was born on the farm in 2012.  Rue's wool is very unique. At birth she was almost orange, and each season her coat changes. Sometimes almost a creamy white, and others nearly moorit. 

Iago is one of the original rams. He has very strong genetics, always throwing strong, healthy white lambs.

Isis is the granddaughter of Iago, our remaining original ram. She has great confirmation and is one of the dominant ewes in the flock.

During the winter months, the sheep are given quality 2nd cut hay and their dietary supplements. We shear twice a year, once at the end of grazing season and once right before lambing. 
   One of our lambs born in April 2016.