Pastured Poultry & Eggs

All the chickens on ShakeyGround Farm are heritage breeds. This year we plan to raise 200 Freedom Rangers meat chickens, with availability as long as the supply lasts starting in late July.  We raise several breeds of laying hens including Barred Rocks, Welsummer, Araucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Buff Orpinton. These hens produce a colorful mix of fresh eggs daily. All our chickens are rotated through our pastures, where they range all day. Their diet is Certified Organic grain from Morrison Feeds.

Additionally, the chickens play a role in our broader pasture and parasite management plan.

Fresh eggs from our Heritage Hens.


All of our chickens are free-range and fed organic non-GMO grain. They are regularly rotated to a new field every few days.