Farm Share

We're excited in Spring 2016 to begin our Farm Share program. A Farm Share at ShakeyGround Farm is similar to a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in that it's a way for our customers to support the farm with an upfront purchase, but it differs from a traditional CSA in several key ways:

1. There's no weekly "share" customers need to regularly pick up. Your up front purchase of $100 or $300 starts an account that you can use at your convenience to make purchases directly from the farm stand. To your initial purchase amount of $100 we'll add $10. And to your initial purchase of $300 we'll add $45. Then, each subsequent purchase is deducted from the opening balance. So you can come to the farm stand every day, every week, or only a couple times throughout the season, it's your choice. 

2. Since there's no weekly "share", you choose what you get. We'll keep the farm stand stocked as best we can with vegetables, beef, lamb, chicken, honey, eggs, fiber, and pelts (along with any other seasonal items the farm may produce). Whatever you choose to pick up on your visit to the farm stand will be deducted from your membership account balance.

3. There will be a few options about how you pick up products from the farm stand. You can just come to the farm, and pick up items. Or, if you know what you'd like ahead of time, you can visit Our Products on our website and create a specific order that you can email to us. We can put the order together for you to quickly grab from the farm stand (on harvest days only).

4. All our Farm Members will get an additional 10% off any purchase made from us at any of the farmers markets we attend! (Farmers market purchases are not part of the membership account).

5. Its easy at any point during the season to purchase another share account once the original purchase amount has been used. 

6. The Farm Share makes a great gift! Let us know who you're purchasing the farm share for, and we'll keep the account in their name so they can get great local produce and meat as well.

The Farm Membership is a great way for our loyal customers to get a little more bang for the buck, and it helps sustain the farm throughout the growing season. Please contact us if you have any further questions about how Farm Membership would work, or to set up your account!