Belted Galloway Cattle

The first Belted Galloways to move to the farm were Angie and Joey in August 2011. Our original brood cattle are both still with us today.

Belted Galloway is a beef cattle breed known to be especially hardy and well suited for Vermont winters. Our small herd of Belted Galloway Cattle are a vital part of ShakeyGround Farm by aiding in parasite control for our sheep as well as fertilizing our pastures. Once our sheep change pasture, the cows come in and digest any hatched parasites that the sheep leave behind. This is a critical step in our pasture management.

Multi-species grazing has other benefits as well. Each animal species has its own taste preferences for certain grasses, legumes, and weeds, maximizing the utility of our pastures. Furthermore, pastures that are more uniformly and consistently grazed reduce the influx of less nutritious weeds and actually increase pasture quality and health.

In addition to our pastures, all of our cattle and sheep aid in the fertilization of every garden on ShakeyGround Farm.

A new calf, born in January 2016

Joey with her new calf who was born in April 2016 on the left, making our January baby look so grown up!