Rue was born on the farm in 2012.   Rue's wool  is very unique. At birth she was almost orange, and each season her coat changes. Sometimes almost a creamy white, and others nearly moorit. 
 Hera is one of our original ewes. She is a hardy ewe that has brought many healthy lambs to the farm.
 Iago is one of the original rams. He has very strong genetics, always throwing strong, healthy white lambs.
 Isis is the granddaughter of Iago, our remaining original ram. She has great confirmation and is one of the dominant ewes in the flock.
 During the winter months, the sheep are given quality 2nd cut hay and their dietary supplements. We shear twice a year, once at the end of grazing season and once right before lambing. 
 One of our lambs born in April 2016.
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