Spring Seeding in the Hoop House, February 2016

The temperatures are still plenty cold, but believe it or not spring isn't far away. And now that we've passed the Persephone period with day lengths greater than ten hours, we can start putting seeds into the ground! Our plan this February / March is to seed lots of carrots, spinach, arugula, mizuna, and maybe a few other hardy spring greens to get a jump start on our growing season. 

Inside the hoop house, the beds still get frosty on cold nights, but by choosing cold tolerant varieties the seeds and seedlings aren't bothered. They just might take a little longer to germinate and mature. And like the greens that are already mature from our fall plantings, they'll be covered by floating row cover to keep them extra insulated on those colder nights. If all goes according to plan (and we all know farming doesn't always do that!), we'll be harvesting these greens in April, and bringing fresh bunched carrots to market in late May! We can already see some seedlings popping up from just a couple weeks ago.


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