Spring is on its way, March 2015

The harsh winter cold has broken and we can now feel spring around the corner!

Here's a few signs on the farm that spring is getting near:


We start the first seeds of the season in our house since it doesn't make sense to fire up the propane heater in our propagation greenhouse for just a few flats. Our living room seeding station was raised from the floor to saw horses this year and it has us wondering, why didn't we do this before? Its easier for us to water, not having to bend over, and its better for the seeds since the floor is colder than the slight elevation. Our onions have germinated quickly, and they're bringing a little bit of green to an otherwise dreary landscape.


We're seeding in the hoop houses! There's still snow on the ground, but the hoop house is regularly warming to above 80 degrees. Because of the prolonged severe cold this winter, there are a lot of crops that didn't hold up as well. The spinach held on the best, and we're starting to harvest a little of that. But in the places where crops didn't last we're seeding new successions of mizuna, arugula, Rouge D'Hiver romaine lettice, and endive. Hopefully we'll be harvesting these for a late April market.


Lambing is just a month away. The mommas are looking a little wider than normal and their hay intake is increasing as their lambs are getting bigger. We bred 15 ewes last fall, and normally our ewes average twins so there should be 30 or so lambs when all is said and done. Its helpful knowing spring is around the corner. For the farmers, its the calm(ish) before the storm. Once April hits its full steam ahead with all phases of the farm starting at once. But for now, we're continuing to prepare for what lies ahead to make this transition as smooth as possible. And on top of the farm work, we're starting up at the Middlebury Farmers Market once again. Saturdays, from 9:30am-1pm at the Mary Hogan Elementary School. Hope to see you there!

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