Our Flock is Growing. April 15, 2014


Lambing season is in full force on ShakeyGround Farm. We had our first lambs two weeks ago when a first time mother, one of our moorit ewes, gave birth to twins unassisted. Having intervened on about half our lamb deliveries over the past two seasons, we're taking a more laid back approach to lambing this season. We're trying to be vigilant from a distance, allowing the ewes the space they prefer to deliver on their own. For the first seven of our deliveries, we were rewarded for our space by healthy unassisted births.


Then, last Thursday, the whirlwind came. After an unassisted overnight delivery by our oldest ewe, we had three ewes laboring simultaneously in the afternoon, two of which were first timers. In our experience, first time ewes are fully capable of delivering on their own, but if there are any abnormalities in presentation or if the lambs are especially large, assistance is almost always required. The smaller of the two first timers ended up delivering twin lambs on her own, although we could tell she was laboring very hard. By 11:30 pm, as we were turning out the barn lights having had 5 ewes deliver over the course of the day, we saw another experienced ewe just beginning to show signs. We slept well that night, even if it was cut short by waking up early to check on her progress in the morning.


So far we're up to 22 lambs, with 7 more ewes expected to deliver over the course of the next few weeks. The lambs are growing quickly and getting used to their new surroundings. If you're near Charlotte, Vermont and would like to meet the flock, feel free to contact us. And check out these videos. This one is Erla in the seconds after she delivered a healthy ram lamb...

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