Buying Round Bales, November 2013

Round Bale Wagon 

We bought a new hay wagon this year to transport and store more round bales. Our belted galloways are going through round bales quicker now as Hank and Magnolia are growing. Our dilemma was how to keep the dry round bales covered. Our solution: instead of buying dry wrapped round bales we bought the plastic-wrapped partially fermented round bales. This allows us to now worry about keeping the bales covered. Plus, these partially fermented bales are supposed to be good for the cows' rumens. The only thing to be careful of is that the plastic cannot be punctured, thus causing spoilage as the anaerobic environment inside the plastic is exposed to oxygen. It was slow going traveling from New Haven to Charlotte at 25 mph. Any faster and the wagon would begin to swerve. But we got home safely and the hay looks great.

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