Shearing Day


It's fall, and for the sheep that means two things: shearing and breeding. We welcome the shearers, Jim and Liz, to the farm and watch as they performs their dance with the sheep. Although the sheep are somewhat reluctant partners, Jim and Liz are able to control the sheep in amazing ways and know exactly where, how, and when to apply the pressure required to have a skeptical sheep submit to their buzzing shears.One by one, the sheep are relieved of seven months of wool growth. The final product is dozens of bags of beautiful raw wool, and a flock of sheep that barely resemble the flock we had a few hours before.

After shearing, the sheep are ready for their breeding groups. Its the month the rams look forward to all year long. We choose which rams will breed and to which ewes they'll be bred. There are many factors that come into play when determining breeding groups. Lineage, health and parasite resistance, size, color,  and demeanor are among the factors we must consider when deciding on breeding groups. We also have to project forward to next year and think about what size flock we want for next grazing season. After splitting many hairs over the groups, we settled on four breeding groups and put them out to pasture. Now its up to the rams to get their job done, and we can start looking forward to next March when lambing season begins!

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