Garlic Braids! August 2012

Planting garlic was one of the first activities Brittany and I did when we started at ShakeyGround last fall. During the cold winter months, its easy to forget the little seeds buried beneath a few inches of soil and mulch. But when the ground thawed, and the weather started to warm, those seeds sprouted to life and were the first signs of a growing season just around the corner. We watched the garlic stalks grow as we tilled the soil, planted carrots, beets, tomatoes, and more. The curly scapes were harvested in early June for a strong garlic pesto. And then in late June, six months since their journey began, the garlic was harvested and the curing process commenced. Over the past month, our garlic hung from the rafters and laid on a bench, curing to perfection. And now, in all their beauty, we present our wonderful garlic.

Garlic braid

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