New Additions, April 2016

Spring on a farm is always a time of new life, regeneration, anticipation, and increased work load. This spring at ShakeyGround Farm, we've seen our share of new life. At the time of writing, 8 or our 12 bred ewes have lambed, bringing 17 lambs so far. Over half those lambs came in the span of a few days, meaning our barnyard quickly became quite active.

One of Betty's lambs nursing.

As usual with our Icelandic sheep, we never quite know what kinds of colors and patterns our lambs will have. And with this being the first breeding season for three of our four rams, each lamb has been an interesting surprise. There is more brown in the flock than usual, and several unique patterns like badger face and mouflon. 

Also this April we had our second calf born in the 2016. We've only had one calf per season in past years, so our herd of Belted Galloways definitely feels like a herd.

Joey with her new calf on the left. Our first calf this year on the right, who look so much bigger now!

Its exciting to see so much activity from our bee hives this spring. We went into winter with five hives, and it looks like all five have survived. Compared to past seasons, this is very encouraging.

We're beginning to feed the bees a bit to supplement their early season foraging. And we're also noticing them on a few early blossoming shrubs and trees like our viburnum and magnolia. Our plan is to create splits and nucs from our strongest hives to keep our bee population strong.

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