Spring Projects, April 2016

With the busy season right around the corner, its a good time to get a few last projects wrapped up. And in the case of our propagation greenhouse, we actually did wrap the inside with bubblewrap.

In the fall we doubled our 12x16 greenhouse. When we first built the house in 2012 we noticed it didn't hold heat well enough and was too drafty. Our young seedlings didn't thrive. I checked around on a few greenhouse forums and came up with the solution of insulating with bubble wrap. Four springs later, its still holding up. To insulate, we take a large roll (48"x65'), and wrap it along the interior of the house, and staple it to the wooden frame. That's it, and it works well.

Our next project is to finish the raised beds in the hoop house that was completed in the fall. We built the beds a couple weeks ago, and now its time to top off the beds with our own compost. It takes a lot of wheel barrow loads to fill the beds, but our tomatoes will love it!

Our Project Foreman, Remy

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