ShakeyGround Farm was established in 2008. The farm started with 8 registered Icelandic sheep and a few bee hives. By 2010 the flock had grown to around 24 and Gabriel, our now senior guard Llama, moved to the farm. In 2011, Belted Galloway beef cattle were brought to the farm to practice multi-species grazing techniques for a diverse pasture management approach. That fall, ground was broken on our first large garden, kicking off our production of mixed vegetables. Since then the farm has only continued to expand. The first of 3 30'x48' hoop houses was built in the spring of 2014, followed by a second that fall, and a third in November 2015. In the summer of 2017 our produce was certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

From the beginning, we have held ourselves to a very high standard in all we do. The farm itself is a living organism that we manage holistically to improve the quality of life for all its participants. This includes the farm family and our customers, but also the animals we raise, the bees we keep, and the soil that helps us produce these great products.